May 15, 2018

We received a wonderful thank you from our last packing party. This is one of the units that received several of our boxes. They have set up a “store” in the Chapel for their unit. This particular unit is living very primitively and our boxes are much appreciated!!!

Letters of Thanks from our most recent care packages sent out from our Folsom Community Service Day on  October 25th Care Packages for the Military Overseas

From a LTC in the US Army, writes, "I would like to send a sincere thanks to the Rolling Hills Blue Star Moms from the troops and civilians currently deployed to Saudi Arabia.  To my complete surprise, five care packages were received from your organization.  Not sure how my name made it to your list, but none the less, they were a very welcome surprise and love the fact that organizations like yours are still sending boxes to the troops.  I have placed each of the boxes in various different locations where the troops/civilians can pick and choose from the many items inside.  The goodies will probably be gone within the next month as everyone just finished our official Physical Fitness test and weigh in - so eating snacks is OK for the next 6 months!  Please let all the volunteers know that we fully appreciate all the effort and care put into the collection, packaging, and sending of these "back home goodies"  Our gratitude and thanks go out to everyone for reminding us that folks back in the USA still think about our deployed troops.  God Bless."  LTC Tom D., US Army, Saudi Arabia

From a LT in Afghanistan writes, "I was truly blessed to received multiple care packages from your organization a few days ago.  It is clear that these are packed with love and caring and I wanted to express how much that means to us over here.  Getting "Stuff" is great, but it is really knowing that we are in the thoughts and prayers of those at home is the highlight of a care package.  Rest assured, I am spreading the love and have handed out the care packages to several different group around my organization.  It always brings a smile. THANK YOU!"  LT Nicole W., Afghanistan

From a Staff Sergeant in the Marines writes, "I want to thank you for the recent care packages you have been kind enough to put together for me.  It is definitely a morale booster to get a package out here loaded with all sorts of goodies.  I have always had a sweet tooth so getting the candy and girl scout cookies is great, since we have very little access to such.  Thank you again," SSgt. Christopher B, somewhere in the ocean.

Thank You Letters from the Troops

Every so often we receive a thank you from the troops for the care packages that we send, here are just a few...



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