Rolling Hills Blue Star Moms

Are you a NEW Blue Star Mom Wondering How To Mail Your Son or Daughter a Care Package?

Here are a few of our tips on What and What Not to send and how to send a care package.

  • We use US Post Office Large Flat Rate Boxes
  • We created a USPS account to enable us to enter and print labels through the USPS website.  Creating an account will save you time later since you will be sending lots of packages and can save your addresses.
  • Here is the link to ship your package:  
  • If you are shipping to an APO/FPO address, you must declare contents.  Classified as GIFT; you must enter how many and what you put in the box (so keep a list while you pack it)  Since we pack several items in the boxes, we enter (QTY) Non-Perishable Food Items or (QTY) Personal Hygiene Items or (QTY) Printed Material
  • If you complete your label on the USPS website, after you complete your payment, (you also receive a 10% discount for using their online service!) you will print 4 copies of your label which also is called a Customs Form.
  • If you are not computer savvy, don't worry, Customs forms are available that you can fill in by hand.
  • Slide the Customs forms, computer generated or by hand, in to a plastic sleeve available at USPS office or ordered on line.
  • Seal your box, "slap and tickle" as we say, the label on the box and you're done!
  • If you created your label and paid through USPS website you can even set up a pick up from your home or office---NO lines at the post office!
  • Best part of all of this, the boxes, customs forms and plastic sleeves are all FREE from USPS!!

Which brings us to WHAT and WHAT NOT to send:

  • NOT ALLOWED: Liquids of any kind, no alcohol, pork products (some countries in the middle east it is frowned upon, and even illegal to have pork products), pornographic material as well as items forbidden by the USPS system.
  • As a side note, religious items are allowed, but most troops keep that "under the radar" so keep that in mind.
  • Send only chocolate when it will arrive during the Fall/Winter months.
  • FAVORITES that we have found: Girl Scout Cookies (taste great and travel well), Starbuck VIA packs and individual serving drink mixes, i.e., Gatorade, Powerade, individually wrapped candies, any kind of jerky and one of the most cherished item, baby wipes!!!
  • If you son or daughter has internet access, iTunes and VISA/AMEX gift cards are favorites.